Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

After finishing my first year of college, I can confidently say that the best mechanism when preparing for a test is to study with your friends. Now for some, this may seem like a disaster waiting to happen, but what better way is there to learn than from the people who know how your brain works?
A majority of my finals week was spent in a study room with two of my closest friends that took the same courses as me. And with all we had been through in the Spring semester, it didn't come as a surprise that we forgot A LOT of the material we were taught.
Considering the little amount of time we had, we dove headfirst into all of the notes we had for our class, going through each lecture at a time. To help us remember difficult concepts, we would create acronyms and compare difficult concepts to things that we encountered on a daily basis.
When one of us didn't understand part of the lecture material, we would work together to explain each step, then quiz each other at the end to make sure that one, we were all paying attention and two, we understood everything enough to repeat the information in our own words.
In the times that we gave ourselves a break, we still made connections; anything to make us remember all that we learned.
When it was time to take our exam, I smiled on several occasions when I saw a question that we either went over, or there was something one of us said that helped in answering the question.
Although we have yet to view our final grade, I am well assured that we all passed.
Even with all the resources we are given online, it's more comforting having that support with you as you prepare for a test. Rather than stressing myself out in my dorm, I spent the whole day with my friends, talking about Biology and Chemistry. We still laughed and had a good time, studying material that would make us scream and cry had we not been together.
So, I guess it's true about the saying, "Two brains (but in my case, three) are better than one."

Tailenn from Louisiana
College Sophomore
Southern University and A&M College