Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

While I don’t have any newsworthy or clickbait ideas for test preparation, I have found simple yet helpful ideas for how to prepare well for an exam. As someone with rather severe test anxiety, I have actually spent significant time trying to find ways to better prepare me, but I have learned that the things we write off as being obvious or redundant actually are completely necessary and substantially beneficial. To start with, I plan on starting to study for a test as soon as I know I have it. I will actually blockout times in my planner for when I am going to study. When it comes time to study, I get dressed well asl if this is my job, because it basically is. By the day before a test, you should have all the knowledge you need. Cramming is stressful, inefficient and should be avoided whenever possible. Typically the evening before a test, I will actively try to distract myself otherwise I will be worrying about the exam. I like to rewatch one of my favorite tv shows, play piano or hang out with my dogs, but that varies on the person. The day of an exam, I always exercise because that gives me energy. After going for a run, I will eat a healthy breakfast, get dressed nicely, do a little mirror pep talk (frequently inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda), maybe even do some meditation if it’s a big test, and then walk out my door feeling ready to conquer the world.

Hannah from Minnesota
High School Senior