Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I went to community college full time for my last two years of high school. Here, I became a part of a close knit group of friends who were all taking the same courses. We would all study the days up to the exam by ourselves. But the day before and the day of the exam we all got together with our flashcards and practice problems to quiz each other. If someone does not know about a topic, someone else is sure to be an expert. This works for us. It works for us because we do not let each other slack off. It works for us because we do not put one another down. it works for us because we have learned from each other that there is no shame in asking endless amounts of questions. We have different tactics as well. If someone is having a hard time memorizing micro biology terms, we'll make a song up, we'll say the word in a weird voice, or we will do a movement to involve the word. These work because when you sing a vocabulary word, you use a different part of the brain then when you just memorize it from a flash card. Adding a movement to a word also uses a different part of the brain. These strategies work because you condition yourself to use your brain more efficiently. It also helps when your smart friends are making a full out of themselves by say cilia like a child with their fingers moving around their face.

Abigail from Maryland
High School Senior
Williamsport High