Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I like to prepare for a test at least a month out in order to prevent becoming stressed closer to the test date. I use flashcards when I’m given formulas, sample questions, vocabulary, and a question bank. I study flashcards in sections of twenty to twenty-five cards. I then go through each one till I get all correct, which I pull out the card when answered correctly. If the answer is not word for word then the card goes in the back of the pile. I have randomly placed them in the pile but have experienced times when I get the same card within two cards. If there are not formulas, sample questions, vocabulary, and a question bank then I use practice tests or problems. I have an ACT and SAT prep book which includes several practice problems and tests. I take a section at a time when doing the practice tests or problems. In the ACT, I will work the test in order of sections that will occur on the real test. This allows my brain to become used to the way it will be on the test day. I have also taken the ACT and SAT several times, not because I received low scores but in order to improve my test scores. My highest ACT score was the first one I took, but I continued so that I can gather practice in the testing scenario. This helped me with my SAT scores which increase every time I took the test. I understand more and for a longer time period when I use flashcards.

Emily from Texas
High School Senior
Princeton High School