Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To prepare for a test or an exam I try not to stress as much as possible. Stressing out can make it harder to study and remember what you studied. I also take my time and try not to cram the night before an exam. I will study the week leading up to the exam for about 30 minutes every night. It makes studying a lot easier because I am not rushing to try to go over everything. Another thing I do to prepare for a test is taking some time for myself. Sometimes the work load can seem overwhelming, so taking even just a few moments to relax and focus on your mental and physical health are always needed. I always go for a run or take some time to read a good book. These things work for me because it helps me keep my head straight. The thing I do when the exam actually is going on is a tradition I adopted from Japan. I have a Kit-Kat before every exam. This helps me because it helps me focus and it makes me feel like I will have a very successful exam. These things all help me stay calm and relaxed before an exam and help me feel prepared when I feel uncertain about the exam.

Laura from Colorado
College Freshman
Adams State University