Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When studying for a test I like to simulate the testing environment. I always study alone and without music or background noise that is not normal for a classroom. This is extremely helpful because objects, or noises in the room can be a trigger to help remember what I studied. Depending on where the test will be taken I could study in the library, or in my dorm. I know these are common places to study however, what matters is how well I can stay focused on my studying. In the library there are distractions from other students and teachers just like if I am taking a test in a classroom. These distractions could be a printer loading, keyboard clicks, the flipping of a page in a book, or even chairs moving. All of these sounds and movements will be the same while I am taking the test which will help act as a trigger to remember the content. If I study in my dorm there aren't distractions from other people just myself. If I am taking a test alone it would be helpful for me to study where I can only distract myself. Some things like my cell phone, wanting to clean, or a knock on my door are all distractions that I would need to be able to stay focused through. Part of studying for a test is not only remembering the content but also being able to focus through the distractions around you. Usually all of the tests I take are timed so I need to be able to focus through distractions to be able to finish the test in the allotted time. I try to use the distractions as a trigger to help remember the content during the test. I like to have every advantage while taking a test because I know I'm not a good test taker. So I really have to focus during the test and even while studying.

Harley from Arizona
College Freshman
University of Arizona