Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test taking is not easy. Through determination, perseverance and hard work, I have achieved promising test scores. The prep work I do to become familiar with test formats and the numerous practice tests online and paper copies I complete helping me learn strategies to be successful.
I believe success requires determination. My drive and passion inspire me to fight for what I want. Success requires knowledge, and it is important to continue learning. With proper preparation, I will develop the knowledge that helps me succeed. I will self-monitor and self-assess myself and continually practice as my preparation is the key.
Some of the techniques that work best for me include practicing on old exams, looking for clues or hints from my instructors during class, studying the material every day, and studying to music and making catching phrases to remember important facts.
Much of the information repeats from previous tests. A good plan of action is to review those tests since some of the questions will most likely be on the final exam or used again on another ACT/SAT.
Most instructors will provide hints to the information that you may see on tests, so I pay attention when they make comments like, “this is of importance or remember this.”
When I know that a test is forthcoming, I will study some of the information every day so that I am not overwhelmed the day before the test. Repetition of the facts helps me retain them a little more every day I review them.
Finally, a bizarre test prep that actually works for me is changing the words to a favorite song or quirky jingle or even a rhyme to remember important terms. I learned the periodic table in this manner with the periodic table song on Youtube. Music is known to help a person focus. The jingle, song, or rhyme’s structure is what allows a person to recall the information it holds. I found it to be true for me. I continue to use music as a technique to study and learn.

Emma from Ohio
College Freshman
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology