Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I use study tools such as online resources such as Quizlet, a whiteboard, and colored pens to prepare for exams. These three tools help me keep my grades up and study easily and effectively.
I use Quizlet, a study app on my phone, by making a study set for every unit of my classes so that I can study on the go. Being a student athlete, I am constantly traveling so having a study tool I could take with me was important. I then study these sets by doing matching games, flash cards, and practice tests. I can do this as many times as I want, and it is always with me on my phone.
Another resource I utilize is a whiteboard. After taking notes during the day in class, I go home and rewrite them on my whiteboard to help me lock them into my memory better. It also allows me to rewrite them in ways that help me understand and remember the information.
The third resource I use is colored pens and highlighters. I color code my notes so that I can easily find the most important information when reviewing my notes. I use dark colors and bright highlighters for important definitions and keywords, with lighter colors and no highlighter. This method helps me remember important details by remembering the color of the words in my notes.
These three methods keep my grades up by letting me study on the go, and helping me remember the information better. That is why these preparations work the best for me and are the ones I use consistently.

Mackenzie from Iowa
High School Senior
Waukee High School