Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have tried many test preparation strategies over the years. High school does not do a very good job of preparing you. All of a sudden, you're in college and having to figure out how to study a whole 16 week's worth of content in a few weeks. However, after taking 3 exams covered through Mometrix's study materials and many tests, exams, and quizzes in my classes as well, I have come up with an effective system to study and pass my tests! This test preparation system that I use has helped me pass every test in college, including my content exams! If I am studying for a content exam, the first thing I do is go to the test registration website and print the test framework. This gives me an outline of what the test will include. I then read through the framework and highlight the standards that I need to review the most. Then, I purchase the study guide book for the exam through Mometrix. I first focus on reading the sections that I need the most review on and then I read the rest of the book to supplement my already current knowledge on the subjects. Then, I either create a Quizlet or I find one someone has already made to help me study specific vocabulary and terms. This is also a great way to study on the go if I cannot bring my book with me. Lastly, I take the practice test in the Mometrix study guide and I then re-read and review the content that I still need to strengthen my knowledge on. If I am studying for a general college test, I try my best to create Quizlets for each chapter as we cover them in class so that I do not have to worry about making all of them at the end of the semester. Also, I annotate and take notes on the chapters as I read to help strengthen my comprehension of the reading and apply my thinking. Then, when the test time is near, I can review my Quizlets, notes, and annotations to help me study.
This is my tried and true way to study for any content exam or college test!

Courtney from Missouri
College Junior
Webster University