Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are various ways that help me prep for a test. The way I usually study for a test is reading my notes once or twice. If there are too many notes then I make flashcards with the most important information. Once I have read through the I try to test myself in some sort of way whether its some kind of matching game or a hard problem. All depending on what I am studying for. When it has something to do with something that isn't math, I try to match certain things or give them funny names or acronyms to remember them. I also ask a classmate or a friend to ask me questions about what I have on my flashcards and/or notes. The day before the test or maybe also an hour or so before the test, if possible, I give a brief look at my notes and I remember all the goofy names and acronyms I put for them and if it's a math test I memorize one more time the formulas I need and steps to solve the different problems

Jonathan from Arizona
High School Senior
San Luis High School