Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test, we can get a little nervous. Often times, I find myself thinking too much about whether or not I’ll pass, and I find myself not fully studying. I’ve figured out a way to conquer this issue. I turn study time into fun time! I am a cheerleader, so anything pertaining to cheer is fun to me. When I’m preparing for a test, I ask my mom to ask me questions. If I get the question right, we move on. If I get the question wrong, she gives me something to do. Things like 10 backflips, 20 toe touches, or even 50 cartwheels. After performing the requested task, I have to start all over with questioning. In order for my study session to end, I must answer every question correctly at least three times in a row. This is effective for me, because doing 50 cartwheels will make me remember what I need to. We also do this thing that we like to call flash studying. With this, we could be sitting down watching a movie, and my mom would ask any question. I must be able to answer the question at any given moment. This exercise is a more exciting way to study because you never know when it’ll be time to study. To begin both of these exercises, every week, I make a list of questions that I need to know for an upcoming test or quiz. Basically, a stack of flashcards. I then give them to her, and she makes sure to ask me those questions before the day of the test. The strategy has been working for a while now, and I am more than happy to share it with you all.

Cyera from Michigan
High School Senior
Cass Technical High School