Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test taking- the measure of your knowledge and the validation that your thousands of dollars in tuition were not fruitless. What’s to be anxious about? There are so many clever ideas on how to best study for exams. Flashcards, highlighting your text book in many different colors, consolidating notes down to the basics, the teach-it-to-someone-else method. Which is best? My philosophy has always been quite simple: You WILL pass the test if you have followed the course plan made by your professor. Now, this method does assume your professor is a fair one, which most are. I once took a medical terminology class and it taught me that the way to make something permanent knowledge is to read it, write it, say it, and hear it. Typically, classes are designed to accomplish this. Your professor talks out loud while showing a PowerPoint of the information. You are seeing it and hearing it. As you listen, you take notes. Now you’ve written it. The last thing to do is to say it. This is best saved for self-study time as your professor won’t be happy if you start repeating them in class. Go home and read your notes to yourself. Read them out loud so you hear it again. You’ve now accomplished all the tasks of moving something from your short-term memory into your long-term memory. It does take some repetition to make this permanent and my favorite method of doing that is to record my voice reading the notes out loud. I record myself reading the main points, slowly enough that while I listen I have time to fill in the details in my mind. I can listen to these recordings in the car, at the gym, or while cleaning the house. Ever watched a movie so many times you know the lines by heart? Soon enough, you’ll know the material by heart. You can even look at your notes while listening, further integrated the information into your brain. It doesn’t take very long, there are no craft supplies necessary, and I have found this method to be successful in helping me learn material for tests.

Brianna from Washington
College Junior
Western Governor's University