Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The key to having great test preparation is low procrastination. Often reasons students get bad grades on test is procrastination of studying. Students who wait until the last minute to study for an exam do not deserve a good grade. To get a well-deserved grade on a test you need to organize study materials and study the most important plot points. When the instructor is giving notes make them in your own words so you are able to understand them later. Another important technique to remember is to stay calm and not to get stressed out. When your brain is stressed out and overwhelmed it will not be able to comprehend nor memorize anything. The most effective way to absorb and learn is in a calm and safe environment. Pushing yourself is another main part of great test preparation. Pushing yourself even when you don't think you cannot go any farther is worth it. When you work hard for something and are rewarded for it, you appreciate it more. Test preparation is all about holding yourself accountable, you should never hold someone else accountable for how hard you work. One of the most important thing for test preparation is keeping all past quizzes to study from and completing all the homework for the section you are reviewing. Preparing for a test is not all about studying and working hard. Preparing for a test involves having a healthy breakfast because it helps the brain be alert and aware. Breakfast before a test should be a hearty and nutritious meal. If someone was to eat just sugar before their test they could possibly arrive being mentally and physically tired, which could lead them to perform worse on the test. Another aspect that would help to increase better test-taking skills is getting a good night to rest the night before the test. Getting a good night of rest will ensure that you are not mentally or physically tired.

Chaela from Ohio
High School Senior