Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In order to make sure I am fully prepared for a test, I follow the following procedure. First, I read the textbook before going to class. Nexxt when I get to class, I take extensive notes. While in class I make sure to ask a lot of questions even when they make me look stupid. I'd rather look stupid in class and get an "A" than look cool and get an "F". Then when I get home I begin my homework. Homework is essential to preparing for a test. If there is no homework assigned, I create homework based on what was reviewed in class. Now that I have gone through various questions covering the homework, I start to get comfortable with the subject. At this point I go back to my notes and highlight the main points of crossover between the lecture, the textbook, and the homework. At this point, I write a list of those main points. Then I create flash cards asking and answering questions from that list. I prefer to have a study partner doing the same as me so we can compare lists. Then when in class I ask the teacher questions about what will be on the test. Many teachers actually don't mind going over what will be on it and it doesn't hurt to ask. A few days before the test, I make sure I have all flash cards memorized. At this point I begin to write out my own summary of the textbook based on what I remember from the flash cards. Then I look through the textbook and see what I didn't include. That is usually the test question that I miss that makes the difference between the A and the B. I review my notes the day before the test. The night before the test, I make sure I go to bed early. I try not to think about the test. The morning of the test I make sure I eat well. I wait until just before class to go over my notes one last time. I go through the flashcards once too. It's important not to go through them for very long because over studying can get you confused. At this point it should be a review and you should know the material. I usually will quiz my study partner too.

Shane from California
College Junior
Western Governors University