Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I would confidently say that I have at least a few techniques up my sleeve that have helped me prepare for exams. When initially learning the material, I like to highlight main concepts within my notes so that when studying later, I can easily identity the "big-picture" ideas. Additionally, when reviewing the material, I enjoy making study sets. This could be anything from creating flashcards or using online websites in order to create games that can help me memorize the necessary material. I especially enjoy the latter example, playing games that help me study increase not only my motivation to study, but also increases my retention rate. Through multiple trial and error, I found that when studying with others, the best method to use it to have others ask you questions about the material. Specifically, they should ask non-definition based questions. For example, instead of asking, "what is liminality?" it would be beneficial to ask, "how does the idea of liminality differ between someone that has practiced the culture for ages, versus someone that is new to the culture?" I have found that asking questions in this kind of style helps be to evaluate whether or not I know the material in depth or not. Before utilizing this method, I found that oftentimes, I would be able to memorize definitions, but that did not mean I actually understand the deeper concepts behind those definitions. If I just knew the definitions, I would forget them immediately after the exam. If I understood the concepts, they remained in my brain for a prolonged time. Using these methods, I have found the most success possible when taking exams.

Riya from New Jersey
College Sophomore
University of Pittsburgh