Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I always get nervous when it is time to take a test of any kind. I always need to study at least a week or two before the test. Most of the time the teacher will have the whole class review before the test, but it is better to do it on your own because you take the test by yourself. I usually look over the stuff that we worked on in class. That helps me see what stuff will be on the test and what the teacher will expect. Something else that is do is also look at certain stuff the teacher said that will definitely be on the test. Whether it is formulas, passages, or notes, look over all of them. The last thing I do is look at the stuff the night before, like before you lay down to go to sleep. This helps because it is proven that if you read or study something before you go to sleep, you will remember them the next day.

Zy'Kierria from Georgia
High School Senior
Hardaway High School