Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In order to succeed at the highest level that I can, I make sure to prepare for each of my tests. Whether it be an in-class test, an AP test, or the SAT, I have always prepared with precision and discipline. I am usually aware of a test roughly 1-2 weeks before the actual test date. This is the first step of my preparation; looking ahead. Looking ahead to the upcoming due dates gives me an advantage in the time management aspect of studying. I believe time management is not only the first step to successful studying, but also the most important. Many people believe that studying really hard one or two days before the test will cram enough information into their brain. However, I believe if you plan a couple hours a day to study, it can be much more effective, even for as little as a few days before the test.
After figuring out the studying schedule (time management), I then begin the next step of my studying which is gathering all the needed information for that unit. I usually do this by looking back through my binder for papers related to the testing topic. Other times I can find my resources online. Either way, gathering all the information before actually studying can greatly increase the outcome of the test.
As you can see, most of my success for test preparations comes before the studying itself. I believe the most important part is how you prepare for the studying.
After I have planned out a schedule, and gathered the needed information, the studying becomes easy. While studying, I make it a point to have a goal set for each day. For example, if I had made 100 flashcards for a Government Test, I'd make it a goal to memorize 30 of them in the first day of studying. This method allows me to retain information, while not overwhelming my brain with things I might forget. After completing all the studying over all there days I had planned, I take one final day to look over everything. This final day ensures that my hard work and persistence will pay off.

Cooper from California
High School Senior
Sir Francis Drake High School