Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my high school career, I have been nothing short of an excellent student. The key to my success was prioritizing not only my grades, but my time over having fun and going out. Undeniably, it is hard work to say no to my friends and stay inside with my books, but the outcome of receiving the honor roll award at the end of the semester made the time put in completely worth it. Tests are arguably the most important part of a class besides attendance, the large percentage of the classes end grade being from the tests. Here are my few rules of studying that I do (in no particular order) my best to abide by; the first being to always go above and beyond the notes given. The internet and youtube combined have every imaginable topic available, search yours, find more information, and continue the learning from outside the classroom to insure that you are truly educated on whatever it is you are learning. The second is to have a set time in your day to study, every day of the week. With a time set aside in your schedule, there is no excuse for putting off studying for other things. Make sure you have a space and a time that works for you, the library was the place for me, my home was too loud as I had three younger siblings roaming around. The third rule is teaching back what you have learned to determine if you truly understand the material or not. Often times, when I feel on the fence about whether I understand the material or I am confused on what I have learned I teach my dad. If I can fluently explain the concept, I know I completely grasp what I know. If I cannot accurately teach the concept back, or I cannot figure out an explanation, I know I need practice. The fourth and arguably most important rule is rewarding your hard work. The reward depends on the person, a break, candy, going out with friends afterwards, it does not matter what, the point being that the reward keeps you wanting to study. It reinforces studying as a positive activity in your mind.

Paris from Texas
High School Senior
Stratford Highschool