Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Contrary to some of my friends, I see test taking as one of my strongest areas when it comes to school. Some of my peers say "he's just smart" or "he just pays attention a lot" — which I do not deny either claim — but I believe that my studying techniques prior to the test make up for most of my success. Two key techniques I use to prepare for tests are resting, mnemonics, and singing.
To this day, so many students underestimate the benefits of a good night's sleep and how much it can improve school performance. Typically, I rest at least 9 hours the day before a test which helps me be well rested enough to take on the mental burden. A multitude of studies, such as one conducted by UCLA researchers, show that being well rested during a test can help a student remember much more than if they had stayed up late to study.
When I am busy studying, the less frequent but effective technique I use are mnemonics. If I have to remember multiple words on a list, I'll come up with a clever mnemonic which may help me better remember them. For example, if I have to remember 3 scientific terms that are related to each other such as anvil, hammer, and stirrup, I’ll come up with an mnemonic like “all horses stink”. The ridiculousness of some of the phrases help me better recall them as opposed to having recall a stale list of items which may never come across my mind outside of studying.
My greatest technique I use while studying would have to be coming up with a nice tune to help me better remember a phrase. An ironic statement brought up by many of my friends is that they can remember all the words to their favorite song but cannot remember a single thing from their American Literature book. By repeating an answer back to myself with an added, catchy rhythm to it, I can easily remember whatever phrase I need to for the test.
Ultimately, these three test preparation techniques help me during any test and by using them I am almost guaranteed to get a good score.

Nikolas from New Jersey
High School Senior
Life Center Academy