Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Mistakes are the most important tool while studying for tests. If you wanted to travel between two points in the shortest amount of time you would go straight from Point A to Point B, however if you made a mistake and traveled from Point A to C to D to B, you would decreased efficiency but learn more about your surroundings. In the future if you wanted to go from Point D to C you have the knowledge to do so; knowledge that you would have missed if you had travelled correctly the first time.
While studying for tests I have found that mistakes prevent me from achieving perfection on a singular problem, however they allow me to further grasp and understand the material on a deeper level. Furthermore, the best way to study for a test is to do problems that are harder than the ones that will be on the test.
By doing problems that are significantly harder than ones that I was used to forced me to think creatively. I learned that rather than pursuing a long and difficult road of trial and error sometimes it is best to think abstractly and work effectively rather than work tirelessly. It not only taught about the subject matter I was learning but also about work ethic and critical thinking skills. Often when doing work, I tend to zoom in on extremely specific details and forget that the assignment I am doing has a purpose and is supposed to accomplish a task, if I can look at the problem from that perspective it can help me think of an effective solution in much less time.
However, the main con of such an approach is that one must have grit and determination to see the problem through to the end. I have always liked to solve a question and find it enjoyable to sit down for three hours and struggle, inch-by-inch, solving a problem, and I have found that this method delivers the most consistent results. The satisfaction from solving a problem is unparalleled because in the end without my perseverance and effort the question in front of me would be left unsolved.
My expe

Erchis from Maryland
High School Senior
Winston Churchill High school