Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In my high school career I have always struggled to remember certain aspects of my lessons. Because of this I had to teach myself a couple different ways to study and prepare myself for exams and tests.
One thing I make sure to always do is work in short sessions. In the following week(s) approaching my test I make sure to study in fifteen to twenty, thirty minute sessions. I had to learn sadly the hard way, that cramming everything in one session the night before the test is not successful. So, I adapted and now prepare myself in short sessions so I can get a lot of repetition which helps me learn the topic much easier.
Flashcards is what I use anytime I find myself in need to learn vocabulary. In almost any class from English, Spanish, or even chemistry the repetition I get from flash cards is what forces me to remember and learn the vocabulary words necessary. For as long as I can remember flashcards have been one of the most useful tools I’ve used to prepare to tests.
The most successful thing I do to help prepare myself is setting a goal. As stated before I study in short sessions throughout the following week(s). In each one of those sessions I have a set goal to understand one aspect of the lesson at a time. This in return stops me from studying aimlessly and lets me focus on one topic. Setting a goal is also a huge help when there is more than one test approaching so I can take it step by step to prepare myself for just one or even multiple tests that I have approaching.
My final test preparation secret is more of a mental one. For any upcoming big test I dress to impress. For example the ACT, finals, or my upcoming placement tests I won't wear a suit but if I have a outfit that I’ve received a compliment for is what I will wear. This even raises my confidence going into the test. Which in return helps me raise my self confidence which will make me more decisive and more confident all around on my answers.

Nolan from Wisconsin
High School Senior
Parker High School