Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When studying for a test I use a variety of strategies. I took a test once that helped me determine how I learn best. I am a person that benefits most from a variety of visual learning. Creative ways to study for myself are to use short games and quizzes like jeopardy. I also do very well with flashcards or mnemonics. Another strategy that has always helped me to study and I believe was the leading force behind passing nursing school was to re-write my power points or notes in my own words and with my own system. This included using different colored pens and pencils to highlight the most important pieces of my notes and help the information to stand out and catch my attention. Rewriting the notes in my own style coupled with rewriting my flashcards was a tremendous force in nursing school. All the creative games and quizzes were used to help solidify that I truly knew the information. If I could give advice to anyone in school or thinking about going to school it would be to take a test like I took that allowed me to understand what was going to help me learn best. It was a major factor in my success.

Kristen from Missouri
College Junior
Western Governors University