Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some of my test strategies are commonly known. For example, before any big test, I make sure to fall asleep at a reasonable time two days before the test. This allows me to put one-hundred percent of my concentration of the test itself without the hindrance of tiredness.

Yet I find my best strategy for preparing for a test is to ensure that I do not 'over-study'. For example, if I have a presentation in several days, I will rehearse my entire presentation once or twice a day as opposed to cramming in as many rehearsals as I can in. By doing this, I do not over-think my answers. It also has the benefit of allowing me not to stress as much during the test, giving me a performance advantage. Should I 'over-study', not only will I second guess my answers more, wasting time and increasing the probability of getting a wrong answer, I will also stress more during the test more.

Cristian from Florida
High School Senior
Lake Minneola High