Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In middle school, I was home-schooled. In high school, I went to public school. And now, in college, I take a variety of in-person classes and online classes. It's safe to say that I have had to play around with the best ways to learn in each environment. What I have found is that whether I'm teaching myself or someone else is teaching me, test prep is the same across the board. It starts with taking notes that are fun for you to look at. For me, that means color coding... changing colors with each new section or idea. It also means highlighting based on my own preferences (i.e. yellow= vocab, orange = the start of a new section, green = something I need to research more). This color coding system is two tiered in its effectiveness. First, it's easy to quickly find what I'm looking for when reviewing the content later. Second, if you're a visual learner, like me, when you see something on a test you might recall, "Oh! That was green in my notes... I remember researching this specifically" and that will help you to recall the information in crunch time. Lastly, after you feel like you have studied adequately, try teaching it. Whether to yourself, your dog, your kid, your friend, study group, anything or anyone! Teaching it will help you to recall the information and will allow you to see what you actually know without your notes. It will help you to put the content into your own words, which improves data retention, and it will build your confidence when you can go into the test truly knowing that you've learned the content.

Alexis from Georgia
College Junior
Colorado State University- Global