Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

"Study smart, not hard." After being in school for 16 years, I have finally found the secret to test preparations that have worked for me. After many hours and sleepless nights of failed attempts to study a subject, I now understand my style of studying. For example. I had to create a reasonable, yet rigorous study plan for the GREs. I learned critical strategies, key words, and phrases that always appear. I learned the formula of the test and catered my thinking to fit their testing style. All standardized tests have a format that can be learned and mastered. Practice makes perfect and towards my test date, I took a practice test once a week for a 2 months. Not only did I become confident in the questions asked and the format of the test, but I also learned from my mistakes. In addition, I utilized apps and flashcards to reiterate vocabulary words throughout the day. Overall, I have learned these test preparations through trial and error and have found strategies that work for me.

Angeline from California
College Freshman
Columbia University