Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best thing to do to prepare for a test is to pay attention in class and take good notes. Often the teacher will drop hints about what will be on a test, or you will note that a certain phrase is repeated frequently and must be important.
When studying for the test, I like to go back and highlight my notes, then I study the highlighted parts. The same is true for text highlighted in my books. Sometimes I will go back and rewrite the highlighted textbook notes and written notes on a separate page and then be even more selective in my highlighting. This narrows the information down further to the key elements.
Also, we are fortunate these days to have the internet, which can give you access to numerous study aids. You may be lucky enough to find study hints for your specific teacher's class, but if not, there is likely to be information similar enough in nature to still be helpful. You might find videos of lectures, games to help you study, or even practice tests to take. All of these can be extremely helpful in making you feel confident in your knowledge of the material.
Another technique that sometimes helps is recording myself reading back the study information. The more senses and techniques used in retaining the information, the more likely it is to stick. So, if I have heard it in class, read the book, written the notes, and said the information aloud, I am using every mode possible to truly understand the information for the test. After recording it, I can play the recording while in the car, while exercising, or even while sleeping.
Finally, test preparation involves being organized and planning ahead. Setting up a calendar to break studying down into sections can make the task more manageable. Don't wait until the last night, but start with plenty of time to hit everything and go back to trouble spots. That way, you can use your last night to get plenty of rest to be at your best mentally on test day.

Rachel from Virginia
College Freshman
Christopher Newport University