Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

First thing to do in any study session is going over the raw material. Look over the main things you need to know for the test, like going over vocabulary or doing some review problems the class provides you with. Once you go over the basic material try to pinpoint what you know for sure and what you're really struggling with. Now knowing the material you struggle with you can now move on to more effective studying methods. If your test contains a lot of vocabulary terms try to make flashcards with the terms and definitions. Keep going over the words until you can memorize their definitions without looking at the card itself. If your test is more math-based and you're struggling with certain problems on a review, the best thing to do is find a step by step on how to do the problem, or find a tutorial online that focuses on that type of problem. Once you have the basic steps memorized you can try to reapply that knowledge and see if you can get the problem right this time around. Finally when it comes to studying for free-responses on tests that involve English, the best thing to do is to practice on prompts or to reread any materials that go along with one of the possible response questions. For example if the test is on a book like Frankenstein, then it's always good to look at or make notes on certain elements and key events. With your notes you can try to sort evidence for all types of questions the test might ask you to write about. Overall it's always good to find your weak points and focus on studying for them then stuff you already know.

Kristina from New Jersey
High School Senior
Hamilton High West