Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One scary word is Biology. Biology is a struggle for any student from Human anatomy to Bio chem. Looking at my goals I realized that the majority of my beginning classes are biology. That can be extremely intimidating especially when you don't know how to study. From note cards to frustration... how do i study?
I have learned from trials and errors that note cards are not always your best friend. I have depended on note cards my whole life for definitions. I don't use the white note cards i use the colored ones because they trigger faster reaction times. I also draw a character or symbol of connection to that note card to remember what it's asking. If note cards don't work, I watch you tube videos on that specific concept and take notes. I also do my homework assignments two times before an exam to make sure i finally understand whats being asked of me. The biggest key to studying is repetition when it comes to biology. The more you study and go over concepts the easier they are to recognize. I also use online practice such as amine naming games and such things like that. Lastly I always make sure to look at my notes before bed for at least fifteen minutes. Those are the keys for biology.

Reanna from Colorado
College Sophomore
Pueblo Community College