Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I was in elementary school, I was a horrible test taker. I did really good on homework and projects, but test taking was not my strong suit at all. Although when I studied I thought I was going to do great on the test. It might be that I just wasn't studying the right thing. Over the years I think my studying preparations have improved. I can study for everything besides math, I just can't comprehend it . I used to be afraid to ask questions in class, but I realized that I have to get over that fear and just ask because I would never learn otherwise. The way I study is making not cards. That way I'm reading it when I write it down and when I'm done I can go over them until I know every single card. I have to put music on and study, it can't be silent because I won't be able to focus. I know that's kind of opposite of how people are, I'll just start thinking about everything besides what I need to be thinking about. I used to have a tutor, we would stay after school and we would go over all my homework and if I had tests we would go over that material. I usually can't read a chapter because like I stated earlier, I won't be able to focus on what I'm reading. My mom says that I'm too caught up in my phone, but sometimes when I'm trying to study for a test I'll call someone who has the same test or who has already taken the class. Going into college though, my major is Nursing and I have to take a test called the TEAS test. So the counselor told me about a test booklet called ATI TEAS Secrets made by Mometrix Test Preparation. I was told that it was a good way to prepare for the test, I'm going to go through the booklet and see how well it works for me. The ACT although is very difficult to study for, I've tried taking practice tests and either had to stop to do something or I just didn't understand what was being stated. All in all, studying can be very difficult for me, I just really have to put my mind to it and push myself to ask questions

Kelsie from Illinois
High School Senior
Highland High School