Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Over the past week we have had finals and I needed to find a better way to study since I know things I've tried before haven't worked for me. I wrote out everything on flashcards and I put them in sections for the classes I am in. I started with one class and went through the cards and put a dot on each card. A red dot for something I didn't know at all, a yellow one for something I knew part but not all the way yet, and I put a green dot for the things I knew very well. After I finished one class I went to the next to give my brain a break. I learned more that way because I had to read everything multiple times. After I finished I went back to one of my classes and went through the red again and if I knew it a little id put a yellow dot next to the red. I did this with each card till I could remember things better and easier. At the end of doing this I learned a lot more things then when I started and it got me through studying for finals. This was needed the most for one of my hardest classes and hardest exam, and if I didn't think of this I wouldn't have as good as I did.

Jenita from South Carolina
College Sophomore
Anderson University