Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Ever since I was younger I have learned best by using a notecard method. I believe that writing down questions on one side based on the notes taken in class, and answering them on the other side allows me to retain the information easily. Initially in the studying process I read my notes taken in class. From this point I begin writing the questions on a notecard that I develop from my notes. On the opposite side I answer the question I made. When reviewing the notecards the first time I read the question and read the answer directly after. After going through all of the notecards once, I read only the question and try to answer it to myself without looking at the back. If I am able to answer the question correctly I put it in a pile. If I answer the question wrong I put it in another pile that I will go over again. Once I go through the pile a second time I go through the same process with the pile of notecards that I was unable to answer correctly. I repeat this process until I can get all of the questions correct without looking at the back. I then put all of the notecards into one pile and go through them again by reading only the question and trying to answer it without looking at the answer. By going through the whole pile a second time I get exposure to all of the questions again that I did know and did not know initially. This exposure on top of hand writing the questions and answers helps me to retain the information I need for the test.

Alyssa from Kentucky
High School Senior
Eastern High School