Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The tock is ticking and all eyes are on you. The pressure is heaving down on you, but you don't feel it. You don't feel it because you've got a solid plan in place. A flexible and considerate plan that puts you on the track to success. Each step is designed to help alleviate the anxiety towards this daunting test.

Starting from a timeline, you calculate how much time you have until the test and what time is appropriate to allocate to the preparation for this test. The more time you have until the test, the less you have to dedicate day by day for its preparation. Every time you do sit down to study and prepare, sit with a fresh mindset, free of any pressing emotions or conflicts. Working with a free and willing mindset increases productivity. Be honest with yourself and create an attainable checklist because every small achievement helps to prepare for the test in the best way.

Learn and relearn any and all material by 2-3 days before the test. Save the rest of the time towards practicing, memorizing, and making sure that you really understand the material. This method of studying has proved to be successful as any which way the material may be presented in test form, I can tackle it through my understanding. Once the understanding is there, the confidence comes with and the test becomes a lot less daunting and more accessible. For graphs and processes, I always try to visualize it and draw it out as it becomes a lot more real when I can see how each step flows into the next. Flashcards and charts help with new vocabulary and the repetition helps with really working that information into muscle memory. HIghlight the striking concepts that don't make sense and reach out to someone more involved with the subject for help. They might contribute some material you didn't even consider for your preparation process.

So you're not going to choke on test day. You're gonna walk in feeling confident and ready to take on the challenge that lies ahead.

Sneha from Virginia
College Freshman
University Of Pittsburgh