Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparation for a test starts the moment the instructor opens their mouth at the beginning of a unit. My job as a student is to be attentive and absorb every detail provided by my teacher. This includes not only listening to lectures but jotting down concise and to the point notes, completing every assignment inside and outside the classroom, and not being afraid to ask questions and pick their brain whether it be an appropriate pause in their teaching or a couple of minutes after the bell rings.
The days leading up to a hefty test I gather my notes and put my knowledge to the test until a feel comfortable with the test matter. When it comes to math subjects (my strong suit) I start my routine by overviewing my notes from the chapter/chapters. I discover what I can easily grasp and isolate what my weaknesses are. I spend most of my time diving into the textbook to solve practice problems, so I can further my understanding of a formula, concept, or graph.
I owe so much of my knowledge of effective studying to my algebra II teacher Mr. Schuttes. Most importantly he taught me how to properly take notes for college. Since then I have been preparing my note taking skills for the rigorous college future.
However, personally speaking, the thing that wraps it all together in a bow tie of knowledge is to have tranquil music playing in the background. Music is the oil that smooths out the gears that turn in my brain. I can effectively study in silence, but playing music allows me to operate at my full potential. Music has always played a significant role in my life and combining art with cognition improves my learning abilities and memorization skills drastically.
Being inquisitive, producing and reviewing notes, and studying with harmonic sounds extensively prepares me to excel on an upcoming test. Furthermore, it is a refined system that works because it is catering to the way my mind processes old information and digests new knowledge.

Caleb from Texas
High School Senior
Sherman High School