Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is a skill that has to be learned through trial and error, because not all people are alike which means that not everybody can learn effectively in the same exact ways. I learn best through auditory and repetition, which took me a very long time to figure out because not many people focus on the importance of hearing information. While my study methods might not seem conventional for most they are what have worked best for me. As someone who has a strong musical background, I best understand study notes when I sing them along to a song that I am familiar with. Even though it might seem a bit unusual, being able to make notes rhyme and flow with a song is both challenging and enjoyable for me to do. It forces me to think deeper about the subject I am studying and be able to relay information that both makes sense and is simple in nature. Once I get more comfortable, the lyrics I create I almost always unconsciously repeat them to myself, because it it essentially like getting a song stuck in your head - except this time it’s teaching you about thermodynamics. Of course it is always important to write down good study notes and make flashcards, but I personally recommend people to set down the books and make studying for that next midterm at least somewhat enjoyable by making your own personal remixes to your favorite songs. We don’t all have to have the voice of Mariah Carey to be able to create something that will make studying for a test orders of magnitude easier.

Chloe from Texas
College Freshman
University of Texas at Austin