Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The way I prepare for exams have changed throughout my college years. I have noticed that I get better exam scores when I review the material several times throughout the week, whether that be re-reading, re-writing, or doing flashcards. For classes where memorization is key (like pharmacology), reading the material out loud and repeating it several times makes it stick. Little things like stories or mnemonics also help my brain remember certain medications and routes. It also helps if you act as though you are going to teach the subject to someone who knows nothing about your subject so you have to use simple, easy terms to help them understand which also helps you remember. In addition, I like to read my notes and compare them to the book to see if I missed any important concepts. This helps me by giving me another way to review my notes.
These ways have helped me throughout nursing school and have also helped me improve my test scores.

Cecilia from California
College Sophomore
West Coast University - La Palma