Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There is no worse feeling as a student than walking into a class on test day and not being prepared for a test. As a student, a test can be very stressful, because they reflect how much you truly know on a subject. Not only that but test are weighted so heavily on your grades, and can potentially make big changes towards your GPA. The best way to cope with test anxiety is to simply be ready for the challenges that may be on the test. There are many strategies I use so that I can succeed on testing day.
Sometimes when I am struggling to comprehend test material I tend to stress, and panic. It is okay to take a moment and realize that I am not the only student who may be struggling with the same problems. The difference between me and most other students is that I am not afraid to ask for help. No one can get through the curriculum alone! More often than not I find a study buddy or even group to help me understand difficult concepts. Study groups are a great way for people to learn from others, and maybe look at problems from a different perspective in which you may understand. If I still do not fully know the subject, I will go to my teacher who will be willing to help me out. Professors notice students who are putting in the effort to master the curriculum.
Some other tricks I use for my test prep the day of the test is getting plenty of sleep, eating a nice meal, chew on gum, and listen to my favorite song right before the test. After I have finished my prep sheet, and am ready for the test, I always try to make myself comfortable for a test. Simple things such as being comfortable can have a major impact on test results. It is vital to your success that you do not enter the testing environment hungry, or sleeping. When I am nervous I like to fidget with something, and that is why I like to chew gum, to help calm myself. One last thing I have learned from experience is that failure is the key to success. One can’t learn if they have never failed.

Jaime from Texas
High School Senior
James Bowie High School