Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My name is Luis, when I have a test a get a little bit nervous and I try to study more. For me, studying in the nights is better because I can learn more when there is not noises. I hear a slow music to pay the attention when I am studying. On the day of the test, I try to be not nervous because I know that it could forgot. I tried to memorize all and get better answer for the test. I think that if you study hard you can get better or the best answer. I like Math because I like the numbers. My mom always asked staring the tables for example 1,2,3, etc. until I learned it. When you have an excellent teacher of Math is more easy to learn and if they answer you when you have any questions. I think the best way if you have an excellent teacher you can learn at the moment and is more easy for the test. I my past years, staring the middle school I hadn't good teachers and they don't help you a lot. So, I think that your grand support are your parents and excellent teacher. When you have an excellent teacher never forget you learned. The practice is the best way you can learn. So, I tried to listen, learn and memorize all for the test. I think this work for me and I expect to get better scores from my school and then staring the Universal Technical Institute where I want to study for Mechanical Diesel. When I was a child I liked to fix the bicycle how if it was a car. I think since child I desire to be a Mechanic. I know it could hard and difficult but I know I can do because I like to fix and repair automobiles or equipment. If you want to be a good or excellent student you need to effort to lograte your goals. Also, I will like that my parents would be proud me and I know they are. The best way I can appreciate their efforts is doing the better that they expect from me. I am the oldest son, I know is hard to my parents to leave go to another city. Sometimes we need to take a risk if not you can lograte your goals. I will try to do the best of me. Thank's

Luis from Arizona
High School Senior
Kofa HIgh School