Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some great test preparation practices I take are to read over the course material twice, and after I repeat the material vocally every 45 minutes. To ensure that I don't grow bored of this routine, instead of vocally repeating the course material, I write it down twice, while mouthing the words/numbers in their correct sequence. When I repeat the test material twice, it helps me better absorb the information, rather than quickly go over it once per day, in which I would usually forget it the next day. By doing this twice per 45 minutes, I allow myself to have breaks after I read/say/write the test material, so as I do not overload my brain with too much information, which would not help me in my test preparation. Taking breaks is essential to help your memory fulling comprehend what information you need for the test. I also ask someone else, sometimes two or three people to help quiz me on the test material with index cards with a reward based system. When I get one question right, I am rewarded with more break time, but when I get a question wrong, I have to spend 20 extra minutes on the missed test material section by writing it down four times, instead of two. By engaging in this reward disciplined test practice, I do not consider the extra 20 a punishment, since the extra two writings aid me in remembering the test material. I also ask for two or three people to help and switch the certain material they have when I am not looking, so i do not fall into this repetitive cycle of knowing which test material will come next. The test will not be formatted in the way in which I am studying, so by changing the order consistently, it will prepare me in being prepared for whatever format I will receive. I try to dedicate about six hours of studying everyday, while also maintaining 8-10 hours of sleep. When I wake up and finish my morning routine, I try to look over the test material twice, to jog my memory from the previous day and help with studying later on in the day.

Sara from California
College Sophomore
University of California Berkeley