Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for exams or test may be a difficult process due to technology, but technology can play a huge role in the way the students of this generation may think or change the way they study in general.
Before every exam I don’t cram in information the night before but rather through out the week I have a method of studying. I run track and when I get home from late practice I have to do my nightly stretches like abs and say I have an English exam I’ll substitute each number for a word and it’s meaning. I also have this other method of studying I like to call “collidecial” which are these two words together 1. Collide, and 2.Commercial. Many people have a favorite show that comes on once every week ( I know mine is “Bring it” an all girls majorette dancing group in Memphis Tennessee which comes on every Friday at 8’oclock eastern time) and I know you’ll hate to miss your show due to studying for an upcoming exam so your probably trying to figure out what In the world ? How do you do that ? Well it’s easy through out commercials you’ll be learning while still enjoying your favorite television show. You’ll need a partner for each commercial you have until the ending to retain and recite back information you’ve learned, say for instance a subway commercial is 45 seconds whatever you retained within that 45 seconds needs to be recited back to your partner within the starting and ending of the next commercial so if the next commercial is longer than the first you have to go based on your knowledge and own understanding of the topic.
Overall it’s supposed to be an engaging and fulfilling game as well as a learning method mainly for fast learners like myself who care about there grades as much as I do but on the other hand will hate to miss out on a favorite television show. Now a days students ruin shows and movies with there “spoiler alerts” and I’ll hate to ever go through that again or see any of my friends and fellow peers go through such s distress in general.

Jodian from Florida
High School Senior
Palm Beach Lakes Community Highschool