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What do you consider to be the most important societal problem and the solution?

As a society, we are confined to imperfection. Every principle of our perfect dystopia is not always going to concur with the rest. The problem arises when we have no impulse to resolve the quandary especially when it only affects the minority and the majority are oblivious. Societal problems are caused by our ignorance. Thus, making ignorance our most important societal dilemma. Ignorance can be represented in many ways, but in my assessment, the most ubiquitous forms fit into three categories of which I'd prefer to call selective ignorance, common ignorance, and opportune ignorance.
These categories are hardly a fraction of the extent true ignorance goes to. Nevertheless, the best way to retaliate is to promote understanding. Venture into the unfamiliar and become acquainted and promote humanity, these are characteristics that are seldom shown in such a close-minded society.
Selective ignorance a repudiation of the obvious truth:the disbelief of another's plight. This derives from a want to stay ambiguous in positions that call for help and is the reason most individuals with selective ignorance choose to ignore the perils that others face. This form of ignorance very clearly evades understanding, empathy, compassion, and any form of humanity, instead you will find carefully crafted reasons as to why the terribly real anguish that is or has taken place is unreal. The strongest example proves to be the emergence Holocaust disbelievers and their blatant contempt of one of the worst calamities to ever take place. Although, evidence shows that the genocide did take place, they refuse to believe and instead choose to refute the absolute truth. Blatant disrespect should not be permitted but penalized. We must handle this disrespect the way any other form of disrespect should be.
Common ignorance is, in theory, the most typical form, it is the reason most Americans aren't aware of the fact that Africa is a continent, Christopher Columbus did not “discover” America, and America is still very much racist. This merely means, your grasp of the modern world goes no further than your country of origin and your judgments are not your own, but are a product of the incessant influence of the mass media, you are benighted. In such a modern society, views such as those are the reason for the invisible barriers between cultures and ethnicities who are alike in every way except the land of their birth. It is crucial that we inform one another so that common misconceptions become infrequent and strange occurrences.
The word opportune means a time well-chosen or particularly favorable or appropriate, I chose this word to precisely describe this form of ignorance because it seems to have the most narcissistic intentions in relation to this. To accurately understand this, you must understand that being opportune in itself possesses no negative undertones, however, the moment your actions become immoral or sustained by selfish, egocentric desires, you completely contort the word into an accurate depiction of a narcissist. So many people have flocked to Africa in hopes of being commemorated in history as a savior, only to be contemptuous of the customs and judgemental of the traditions, this is an example of how so many of us are opportunely ignorant with our selfish desires. The prime example of this would be Jason Russell, the creator of the short film Kony 2012. It shows his clear disrespect to the Ugandan people was the reason this film was presumed war propaganda that spread lies about the country, the prominence of Joseph Kony and his followers and the truth about who Russell was indeed saving. This illustrates the adverse effects of being so naive in the encounter of legitimate violence and suffering.
Although each category shows the detrimental effects of being ignorant, they show the seriousness of paying attention to the solutions. Understanding is the most important part of any solution, understanding the importance of the solution, and understanding how to incorporate your knowledge of this into daily life. As presented before, to solve this societal problem we need to show humanity, empathy, and most importantly understanding, even to those with opposing views because these are the keys to actively and successfully communicating in a modern society.
In conclusion, the most important societal problem is ignorance as it has the most deleterious effects and still after a long time has shown no sign of stopping its tirade against the most impactful members of society, who could be using their influence for good and to instead promote togetherness. Ignorance is the cause of so many societal dilemmas with its many distinct forms and many different effects, it promotes division and bigoted views. The solution is seemingly evident, promote the exact opposite of what plagues us now, to effectively rid ourselves of the ails of ignorance we must spread understanding, educate one another, and encourage tolerance.

Abigale from Maryland
High School Senior
Fairmont Heights high school