Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Many people prepare for a test by getting a good nights rest or eating a big breakfast. Sure those might help, but my greatest test preparation is to study days before the test. Getting a better understanding of subjects that you are still confused with could help you. Also, this method will help refresh your brain for subjects that you did in the past. I also choose not to study the day before the test, this way I don't feel pressured. Not studying the day before gives me the chance to relax my brain and prepare for the day of the test.If you are unsure what might be on a test, you can stay after school for tutoring from a teacher or you can go on websites such as College Board that offer practice tests. I believe that if you follow these guild lines like I do, you will do just fine on any test you take.

Mya from New Jersey
High School Senior
University Academy Charter High School