Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

High school is the opportunity to learn new information each day and apply what you
know. Each semester, all grades are calculated and uploaded on an online or paper transcript to
tell students their current grade point average. As of right now, I am highly satisfied with my
GPA being a 3.9. I manage my high academic grades by taking notes, asking questions, and
completing all assigned work. It may seem easy to follow these simple steps, but it requires
hard work to maintain these grades.
As soon as I am aware of an upcoming test, I make sure I write down the date of it and find time
to study. The more I study, the more knowledge I remember about the subject. Taking notes allows me
to have information to look back on if I forget. Additionally, I became more engaged in the lessons while
actively taking notes. Notes also organize and highlight the main idea about the topic, relating to future
test and exams. I have always been a fan of notes due to my high achievements on report cards.
Teachers are at school to help students further their knowledge. Asking questions for teachers
to answer allows me to learn information that I’d never think I could obtain. For example, if I need help
with a difficult math problem, I could always ask my teacher for ways of gaining a better understanding.
Receiving answers to questions gives me the opportunity to score higher on test and quizzes. Tests
count as a big grade on report cards, so I make sure I put forth effort in asking as many questions.
Every day in class, I have tasks assigned so that there is proof that I learn the subject. Incomplete
work results in failing the class, so I always turn all of my work in on time. Completing my work adds up
and increases my grade each time I do on the assignments. Making good grades on most of my work
averages the grade for that class and allows for it to stay the same as long as the work is done. I manage
time to finish my work, so when I turn it in, it is good quality for teachers to grade.
My grade point average has allowed me to be the most successful for my future. I am constantly
repeating my routine of writing notes, asking questions, and completing all my work to benefit my
learning. I feel confident about sharing my grads with others knowing that I use my great management
skills to reach this success point. Having these skills will pay off in the real world outside of school. I will
always have a guaranteed high academic level with the significant techniques I’ve developed.

Chelsea from Georgia
High School Senior
Newton High School