Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is essential to collegiate academic success. My favorite practices include beginning studying everyday two weeks prior to the test is optimal for familiarizing yourself with past information and problems. Sometimes I forget information that was brought up on week three and need tor revisit it. Then going through and rewriting all of your notes is also another great way, especially because you are more likely to remember information that you have written twice. Creating a study guide and then researching topics or subjects you are uncertain of is essential to your complete understanding. Also getting help in those specific areas is necessary to performing well. The best way to receive that help is primarily to work through problems with a group of students in the same class, and if I am still having trouble, I go to my teachers office hours. Professors are a great resource in understanding what will be on the test and to also see what in what ways they are testing your knowledge. Comfort ability with problems really just helps your test anxiety, so you know what to expect. As an engineer, teachers prefer to see that you can think through a problem creatively and understand it is more important than memorizing one set way of solving a problem. I do not necessarily study the night before, because at that point I have retained all the information I can and I just review things that I know I might second guess myself on. These things help me because I suffer from test anxiety and it allows me to feel comfortable and confident when walking into the test.

Alexis from Hawaii
College Junior
University of Portland