Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Over the years cramping has not been the best way to study for an very important test. I have created a great way to study for any test. It required a few things, a few of the notes taken in class, a person who is younger than you and an white board. The process is very easy, with the notes you create an lesson plan and highlight important details to study. With the person who is younger, they will be used as a mock student to teach the material to. The student will learn the material and based on the information given they will be allowed to ask questions about the topic. When answering the questions it will surely help clear up somethings in the person studying head and be able to help with the learning process. The mock student will also help with clarifying question that the mock teacher may have not said with complete clearly. This way the mock student, learns something new and the teacher in this case the student studying for the exam gets practice on the material.

Cristal from Arizona
College Junior
Mesa Community College