Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation for me comes in three different practices, memorization, practice, and writing. For classes that just require you to memorize a lot of material (like AP US History), I used online study resources. These classes need you just to remember a lot in a very short time, this is why I find it helpful to watch videos on YouTube. YouTube 'teachers' have exploded in the last few years, most of them are credible resources, they are actual teachers that teach these classes and just want to help students out. This being the case, their videos can be very helpful if I need to just take a refresher of an entire course in one night. For APUSH, I used these online videos to study the night before the AP test and the weeks leading up to the test. The second type of class is math type classes, this includes AP Calculus BC and AP Physics 2. Both of these classes need you to not only memorize a lot of information, but it requires you to apply that information. For these classes, I find it helpful to go into the textbook and do as many practice problems as you can. Practice problems force me to not only remeber what the chapter was about, but it also forces me to use that information in a way that is very similar to the test. The last type of class is one that requires a lot of writing. Writing has never been my strong suit and I've always tried to work on it. The two best methods that I've found to study for this type of class is to write on sample topics, but also review other people's essays. Other people's essays (for AP Language and Composition) allow you to see strategies that other people used and nuances in a piece of writing that I didn't see before I read their paper. Writing my own essays as practice also helps me to write under pressure and stay calm, which is important for any test. The best thing that I do to study for any class is to practice the material over and over again until I've learned it enough to feel confident in my ability.

John from Colorado
High School Senior
Legend High School