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Dear Scholarship Committee,
Hello, I am Patricia S. Thompson, I am a high school student in St. Mary’s Alaska. I am extremely thrilled to tell you why I would like to attend college, why I picked this college, and why I need help.
My educational goals included graduating from high school and attending a college close to home. I am also looking for a school which offers a program I am interested in. My friend and a school board member helped me find a college that offered both; which was University of Alaska Anchorage. I would like to attend this college and commit to my studies to have an Associates degree in Human Services to become a psychologist. If I cannot pursue that goal, I am willing to become a counselor.
I picked this college because this is where I would receive help from family. I want to be as close to them as possible, so if they need my help, I will be able to go to them. I would like to support my family with everything they need. I have even heard about all the benefits I can get from all the choices in programs, sports and other experiences they provide. Going to college at the University of Alaska Anchorage will help me with all the plans I have ahead of me.
I want to become a psychologist because I see a lot of people have no one to talk to here in St. Mary’s Alaska. I know how it is to have no one to talk to. I grew up being told I have a lot of reasons to cry, however I was constantly told to be quiet when I needed someone to talk with about my problems. My own family turned their backs on me when I needed someone to speak with. I do not want anyone else to go through the same as I did, the same exact childhood I grew up in. I want people to have someone they can trust with their feelings; I want them to have a better life, a better future a head of them. I would always try my best to give them hope again, I want people to feel like their life is better again.
I would need help getting into college since my family and I can not find jobs to s

Patricia from Alaska
High School Senior
Andreafski High School