Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Let’s face it, school is stressful. No matter who you are if you have attended school it has most likely caused you stress or anxiety. One of those things that cause such stress are tests, which is why the most important step I take in preparing for a test is meditation. Using the technique of meditation before studying, after studying, and before a test is a reason why I have been so successful at test taking. Meditation helps clear your mind of anxiety and doubts and allows you to put your full focus on what you're studying. After I am done studying I allow myself a short 3 minute meditation to relieve any stress while I was studying so I can allow that information to process thoroughly. When it is test day if I have time before my test I will lay my head down, meditate, and fully focus just on my breathing getting rid of any nerves, doubt, or stress. I also will do self-affirmations to make myself feel confident about my abilities rather than overthink each problem I will face. You see my trick to studying is to mainly focus on my feelings and emotions rather than stressing to know 100 vocabulary words. For this method to fully work you also have to study in short sessions before the test, not crame it in the night before. Overall using this method will eliminate self-doubt, and anxiety that you may have before a test. Your mood and emotions are a big part of what affects your testing ability so using this method will allow you to control your emotions and be confident about your test-taking abilities. A Lot of people don't consider your emotions into being a big part of test taking but from experience, this strategy has allowed me to earn much better grades on tests and also allowed me to conquer the anxiety that comes along with it.

Morgan from New Jersey
High School Senior
Collingswood High School