Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for test was always an easy thing for me. I have stuck with the same routine ever since my first actual real test. First thing firsts I would get rid of all distracting noises. For example if my house was loud or somebody was distracting me I would move to the loft at my house to study. Most of the time I prefer to go to the library, most of the time I do study groups at the library. When I am alone studying I like to make a quizlet or find a quizlet that has all the things I need to study for on tests. Basically quizlet is a website where you can test prep, do flash cards, matching games etc. To help you study. I like to study with quizlet because I can keep doing the practice test over and over again until its locked in my head. I also prefer to study at night because when I study at night I feel more prepared and everything I studied for is memorized. In the morning the day of a test I like to eat some fruit or drink a smoothie just so that I can have something healthy in my system. Also it gives me the energy I need to concentrate on a test. This easy routine is very helpful to me and the time I spend studying which is about 2-4 hours is worth it, I usually do outstanding on my tests because of my test preparation practices.

Rose from Arizona
High School Senior
Valley vista high school