Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation starts before my classes start. I begin by printing out the class syllabus and reading through the required materials that will be discussed in class. I continue by printing out the lecture slides for the week before, read through and makes notes directly on the slides. I highlight key points, underline important facts, and write any questions in the margins of the slides. After creating my initial notes I read through the textbooks and follow the same process of highlighting, underlining and creating notes for myself. After I am done with those two steps I compile all of my information into a notebook where everything is in one place, easily accessible. During class I go through my notes while the professor is talking and fill in the gaps, and answers to my questions.

To begin studying for the test I go through my notes each night after class and then a week before the test I start going back through everything. I then create note cards for factual question and answers, and create practice tests for myself to take. I read through the text book and answer all the questions and essay prompts it has available. If I have any questions or struggle with a topic I schedule an appointment with my professor at least two days before the exam to get clarification to make sure I am as prepared as possible.

This system works best for me because I am consistently studying for the exam and keeping up with the class lectures and topics covered. I feel doing this I retain information from the beginning of classes and feel I know the information rather than memorizing for the test and forgetting all the information after taking the exam.

Paige from Colorado
College Freshman
University of Colorado Denver