Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation tactics consist of taking more tests! Over and over again until I can achieve 100% accuracy consistently. I have a multitude of test-based studying strategies! First, I check Quizlet if I know for a fact that the test will be purely vocabulary-based. I use/create online flashcards to study other random facts that simply need to be memorized. I'll use Quizlet's built-in test function to then test myself on said information. If I'm feeling bored I'll play one of their games or attempt the speed test...I'm usually the only one who does these types of things so it ends up so that I am only competing against myself. If I need to memorize a theory that pertains to Psychology etc. I simply have a conversation with myself (out loud), as if I was teaching myself a new topic to see if I have a good grasp on the content. Other times I'll simply read and reread my notes/CW/labs/projects/essays as many times as I can. When that gets too tedious I'll usually ask my one of my three younger brothers to quiz/test me on the material provided. Sometimes they'll read over one of my study guides or they'll just ask random questions pertaining to the class as a whole. Overall, the testing method really works! That's why I would suggest to anyone and everyone that they should take a test to prepare for their test. Or talk to themselves...it really works :P

Mercedes from South Carolina
High School Senior
Mercedes Banker